‘Hands on, experimental with a strong emphasis on using found materials and inventive applications of textile and mixed media processes as part of the exploration of developing a ‘creative language West Dean College .

My workshops and projects are centred around the exploration of skills and ideas to help you to develop an individual approach to making as part of the creative process.

(On-line sketchbook demo at West Dean during lockdown available here.)

I am a trained tutor and community artist with experience of working with organisations and groups internationally including West Dean College and Kent Adult Education. Please contact me for further information regarding in person or online talks and workshops

2021 workshops: In-person workshops may be subject to change due to Covid restrictions.

Due to a change in personal family circumstances I need to work closer to home for a while. I am fit and well but priorities have shifted in how I manage my projects and teaching in the future months. I am still able to offer on-line workshops and talks and am l hope to re-introduce some teaching ‘in studio’ when I can , so please feel free to get in touch.

West Dean College

New courses will be posted as they are listed.

Other courses. Please check directly with the hosts for availability and updates

In Stitches (Wokingham) Stitch, Paper, Cloth Tuesday 18th January 2022 On-Line live 10-4.00 GMT (additional new date Wednesday 19th January full)

Layers, Lines and Image -narrative pieces combining stitch, cloth, paper (Full deferred due to unforeseen circumstances)

Lund Studios  in North Yorkshire, 5-7 April 2022 Stitch-Sketch-Book, Folding bookforms. (deferred)

Hope and Elvisin Nottingham, Cloth and Shadows 23 and 24th April 2022 and  Layers, Lines and Image 25 and 26 April 2022 creating improvised stitch-sketch book (please check with hosts in March)

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An on-line course Making Connections with Fibre Arts Takes Two. Enrolments have sold out. Join new waiting list to for details of the course 2022

Making Connections – Mark, Layer & Stitch is a rich creative resource full of inspiration and ideas to last a lifetime. It’s a worldwide community for enrolled students to connect in a private online forum and share your textile adventures directly with Cas, ask questions, bounce ideas, and gain the skills and confidence needed to create your own mixed media masterpiece

Cas Holmes teaching online with Fibre Arts Take Two
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International courses.

Studio Preniac (deferred) Artists always make reference to other images and narrative. You can use pages from old books, maps and found printed materials as a starting point to create a new work. The materials, text and references you decide to use will direct the content and processes used, from layering and cutting techniques through to stitch and paint. This is not a book-binding course.

During this workshop, participants will make small personal works with narrative, meaning and humour. Low-tech methods will transform raw materials and found objects into textile art. Simple drawings, staining and colouring of pages, cutting, pasting, stitching and collage will be our primary tactics to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. (Deferred)

Sweet Nothings (deferred) Join me in a retreat in South West France for an experimental workshop combining  cloth with found materials and inventive applications of textile and mixed media processes. Investigate mark making, colour and painting techniques with cloth and paper using ‘Wet Applique’ layering and bonding combined with ‘Stitch Sketching’ . (Deferred)

The Alpine Experience,  Painting with Cloth,  Cas Holmes work is often described as ‘painting with cloth. In this workshop, participants will make small personal works with narrative, meaning and colour Low-tech methods will transform raw materials and found objects into textile art (to be rescheduled)

Kent Adult Education

Courses are currently being taught either in class and also via Zoom. Please check on booking. Updates can be found by searching under my name here.

Examples of work in progress on courses here

More dates and venues to be added as booking links become available.

Student comments:

Each session is a challenge and an inspiration.  Your encouragement to each of us to look for our own direction with your support is more than I expected – you are indeed a very generous teacher. (Eileen)

Your approach to Zoom was not only highly professional but was delivered with respect, thoughtfulness and made us feel we were creating together. (Amanda)

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