Cas works on private and public commissions and is represented in international collections (including the Museum of Art and Design in New York, Arts Council England, The Embroiderer’s Guild and the Garden Museum London.)  

Above, All That Remains. work reflecting themes in relation to the Titanic story. Exhibited in an exhibition of the same name organised by Dr Sharon Michi-Kusonoki

Current projects focus on the ‘common places’  or ‘common lands’ which are not town or countryside, but rather ‘edgelands’, the sides of roads, railway sidings, areas on the edges of the industrial landscape which have a strange beauty all of their ownunfolding-landscape-cas-11

Commonplace’ look at the nature of place and our relationship to a constantly changing landscape in an increasingly urbanised world giving the impression of capturing a moment or ‘thing’ before it is  gone. Small Stitch Sketches. are a continued part of this work.

New exhibitions  under the titles of ‘Painting with Cloth’ or  Textile Landscape’ are planned for exhibition in 2019

40 Yards at the European Patchwork Meeting
40 Yards at the European Patchwork Meeting

40 Yards shares the observations of familiar things, the stuff of the everyday, alongside the seasonal changes within the locality of the artists home. The piece began with a scrap of fabric with the words 40 yards printed on it. The basis for each piece is created from materials collected whilst travelling. Bringing the world of home and travel together.

QS_Wayside_Weeds_(2b) (2)

Urban Nature, first shown at the Knitting and Stitching show in 2012, is a continuing theme, looking at our connection to the world around us. It explores where our urban and garden spaces meets the ‘hidden’ or overlooked places of the broader landscape.

An interesting insight to my working process can be seen in Conception to Creation a series of articles on Textileartist.

Examples of some of the works detailed are featured in my catalogues   Found-Paint-Stitch (featured below) and Urban Nature.

Found Stitch Paint (1)

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