With a the closing of borders as the world ‘stays at home’,  this time seem particularly poignant as we maintain social distancing during the Covid 19 crisis to protect each other and our health services. Never has the world seemed so silent of the sound of human movement as during the Spring/Summer 2020.
The connection we have to landscape and place is at the heart of my work and the question ‘What We Value-What We Miss’, formed the basis of my research and exhibition Places, Spaces, Traces for Gypsy Maker 4 in terms of the relationship we have to ‘identity’ and ‘place’. What would you value enough to bring with you if forced to leave your home, and what you would miss if you had to leave it behind? In these strange times, these simple words have equal resonance now we find our lives restricted of movement and not able to see friends or family to share a cuppa or pass the time.

The Project.

This new work which has it roots in Textile Landscape, has led to an invitation for me to create an installation for exhibition at the Sint-Anna-ten-Drijnse church Antwerp in 2021 through the organisation ANNA3. I have been stitching words as I travelled over the last two years combined with other fragments and pieces generously donated along the way. During the last few months I have been working away and the pieces are coming together. As part of this project I would like to add some additional words or even small stitched pieces reflecting on these times and connecting us to each other.  You may simply stitch some words to add to the piece or to create your own stitched sampler with words and images  about the things you everyday things you value more or miss direct to ANNA3

A treasured flowering plan, one young man I spoke to recently talked of missing his grandmother’s garden and roses in Iran.

The everyday household things cups, saucers and tea things that connect you to family.

Enjoying the birds in a park or the simple act of walking in a sunshine.

Daily cycle around my park.

Below are examples of the stitched words and images, stitched as if quickly handwritten. The materials used in the images are mostly cotton or linen in a neutral or limited colour palette, except for the existing embroidery on the cloth. Everyday household materials handkerchiefs and small napkins/pieces of clothing would be ideal.

Feel free to share your stitched pieces on social media with hashtags such as : #whatwemiss #whatwevalue #everydaythings #corvid19

I will update as the project develops. You can also get in touch via my contact form.

Installation work in progress Cas Holmes below

My piece for #iclapfor Ian Berry Art