Welcome to my shop.  All prices include standard postage delivery in the UK. Please contact me to check availability and arrange payment and postage. Larger pieces and work to commission examples can be found underWork’ on this website. A donation from all sales will go towards the work of the Stroke Association UK

My new book ‘Embroidering the Everyday’ Batsford publications  2021. A preview link is available here. Signed copies of all my publications are available direct from me £25 inclusive of postage in the UK. Others are:  Textile Landscape 2018, Stitch Stories 2015, Connected Cloth 2013 and The Found Object in Textile Art 2010 

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Found Stitch Paint  (A5) £9.00 full colour, 28 page booklet featuring my work.

Urban Nature (20x20cm) 28 page booklet, full colour. £7.00

Red Madder card and envelope, 15cm square on offer £2.50 inclusive of postage

Small Art Works

All pieces are hand-made originals.  Small works (Stitch-Sketches) are mounted on watercolour paper ready for framing.  Click each image to see full size and title. Titles are listed below each piece or grouping.

Cardiff Bay at Night no 1 Stitch and paint collage. 18×18 cm on 25x 30cm watercolour paper. £145 (sold)

Cardiff Bay at Night no 2 Stitch and paint collage. 19×18 cm on 30x 25cm watercolour paper. £155

Tilbury Morning Stitch and paint collage. 13×23 cm on 19x27cm watercolour paper £120 (sold)

Afternoon Tea (left) Morning Tea (right), Machine and hand stitch on stencil dye and sunprint handkerchief. Each 26cm square mounted on 36 cm square watercolour paper. £190 each

Dictio Terrarum Series. Monoprint drawing combined with stitch and collage. Drawing are worked on top of pages of a book listing the names of landscape artists Each piece 22 x29cm £100 each

,Garden Parts Stitch and paint collage. Each postcard size. 15×11 cm on 26x31cmwatercolour paper. Cat and Pots (sold) , Watering Can (sold), Goose, Wheelbarrow £35 each

Lavender(Stitch-Sketch- Book) 18x15x 1cm (closed) x (110cm) open. Print, cloth, paper, stitch. (sold). These are the words form the new owner: I’ve just received the beautiful lavender book. Oh my goodness it’s absolutely divine. I feel so honoured to be able to have it, and be able to look through it in person. I can’t decide my favourite pages, they are all so interesting and I absolutely love the mix of colours, media and stitches.

Red Barge Sails 40x40cm square free-hanging mixed media textile with found materials. Dye, stitch and paint. £300

Tokyo Drain Cover series. Each 16 x16cm on 23 x23cm watercolour mount. Vintage, kimono and indigo cloth. Paper, layers and stitch £90

Chrysanthemum (Stitch-Sketch-Book) 15x12x 1cm (closed) x (100cm) open. Print, vintage Kimono cloth, paper, stitch. £280 (sold)

Dandelion (sold)

‘Cracks in the pavement series dandelion (sold). Machine stitched on painted and ink drawing 6×4 inch postcards Each piece £30 inclusive of postage.

Lone Tree in Winter series. Machine stitched on painted and ink drawing 6×4 inch postcards Each piece £28 inclusive of postage.

Garden Cat Stitch – Sketch series £75. 15x12cm on 28x 23cm archival watercolour paper.

Winter Bare Series. Stitch, print and collage on canvas, 20cm square £100 each or 2 for £180

Handkerchief, Witch Hazel. 23cm square mounted on 30cm watercolour paper. £190

Landscape in a Tin (Stitch-Sketch-Book) series 9x65cm in a tin 10x9cm £90 Each

Corona cups and bowls series. Handkerchiefs, collage, stitch. 15x13cm on 18x24cm mounted on watercolour paper. £75 each.

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