Urban Nature

First shown at the Knitting and Stitching Show, the Festival of Quilts and the Beaney Gallery, Canterbury,  Urban Nature  looks at our connection to the common and often overlooked spaces where urban and nature meet and remains a core theme in my work.

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Cas Holmes brings inspiration down to earth where each or us can grab hold of it anytime, anywhere, if we are of the mind to be open to everything around us…the most familiar, the most ordinary, and how it all is really extraordinary…the pure, joyful,simplicity of it all.         Amy Mimu Rubin (Artist)

Published by Cas Holmes

Cas Holmes is an artist, teacher and author living in the U.K..Her work processes are reflected in her books. The most recent are Embroidering the Everyday and 'Textiles Landscape'. Found materials are torn, cut and layered, connecting drawing, paint and image. Her interest is in the 'hidden' or often overlooked parts of nature, landscape and towns. Working with 'stitch sketching', she seeks to capture a moment or thing before it is gone. I produce artworks for public and private spaces and enjoy working on collaborations with galleries and the community. See more at www.casholmestextiles.co.uk