40 Yards

40 Yards was first shown at the European Patchwork Meeting in 2014 and has toured to Switzerland, USA, France, Luxembourg and Germany as well as smaller exhibits in the UK. Using materials while I travel and reflecting inspiration from within my 40 yards of my front door it is a continuing projects which is being added to.

The essences of people, their memories and past lives, seem to linger, trapped within the fabric substance on display. Many of these materials will have had direct contact with skin and might have witnessed or taken part in key events in human stories. Saved from dereliction they are resurrected in the creations of Cas Holmes and haunt us with their fragile communications. Woven into each piece are the ideas of Holmes herself and images from the natural world. Like the singing of birds or the beautiful potential in a budding flower these works speak to us with a language that is hard to rationally understand but is keenly felt nonetheless.
 Huffington Post, Mathew Crockatt, Dec 2013