The challenge of working in different places is open to all kinds of possibilities. Cas Holmes has produced installations in a variety spaces from cathedrals to workplaces, military buildings to offices. Many of these projects are made in collaboration with other artists and community groups using everyday found materials which demand interaction.

Trees as part of Common Land, Common Spaces installation at Farnham Pottery.. Also a video link here.

56 LV21 Gary-Weston-Cas-Holmes (2)LV21 on board Light Vessel 21 and a report on Making Marks workshop Light Vessel 21. Medway, Kent

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40 Yards installation  first shown at the European Patchwork Meeting in 2014.  More new pieces are added to it as tours to new venues (7th Quilt Festival Luxembourg in 2016 and Nadelwelt, Germany 2018., Rochester Medway 2019)

40 Yards, Rochester Art Gallery and Craft Case, Painting with Cloth
Bird Cage and Poplars at Nadelwelt 18
Bird Cage and Poplars at Nadelwelt 18
30 40 yards b (4)
40 Yards European Patchwork Meeting

Gallery shots (15) Waterland and  ‘Tea Flora Tales’.

Red Rain at 30 Tower ViewOffice workers moved their hand through ‘Red Rain’ From almost from the minute it was placed in the office space.The works were exhibited with Kings Hill Art with Arts and Business organised through Frickleton Fine Art

Imperfect Plant (5)

The six large panels, which made up an installation by Cas Holmes entitled ‘Imperfect Plants’, showed her use of found materials, paper, dye and stitch, to its best effect. The loosely-hung panels wavered in the draught, creating shimmering surfaces.Her interest in human impact on plants and the environment was taken into these textiles in a very sensitive manner, appealing to the emotions through delicate layers of flora.-oh for more room to show them all. Wowies will be familiar with the work of Cas Holmes’ she was at her best in this exhibition’    

 Maggie Grey, Workshop on the Web Review, Drawing with Thread, Shire Hall Gallery. 

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