Places, Spaces, Traces exhibited at Sint Anna-ten-Drieën , Summer 2022 is touring in the UK 2023-2024.

The Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Art Gallery from 7 December 2022 until 7 January 2023.

Barony Centre/Craft Town Scotland in West Kilbride from 31st August to 7 October 2023

Queen Street Gallery, Neath, 4-25th November 2023

The Shipping Foreccast detail. see link for short video

A short video of me filming in the space

The exhibition reflects on my Romani heritage and our concept of place. I am interested in the commonalities we have as people, the need for a place of our own, family and food. With migration, changes in our working lives and increasing opportunities to travel, our certainty about who we are and where we fit in is unsure.

LV21 is less than 20 miles down the road from me so I couldn’t not go to see it! How lucky am I to be living where I do. I was one of the first visitors up the gangway this afternoon and chose to go today because they had a cafe survey about (diminishing) open spaces on the Hoo peninsua which is where I live as well as Cas’s exhibition. The bigger pieces are much lighter in weight than I expected them to be, especially as they are designed to be looked at from both sides, but hold some very poignant words. I was very much drawn to the display of vessels formed around the discarded beakers used by some of the migrants rescued from the English Channel and the shores of Kent. (Brenda Paternoster visitor comment on Fibre Art Takes Two, Making Connections:Mark, Layer and Stitch with Cas Holmes)

Link to installation of work on board LV21

Fibre and Form ”Nice Bit of Stuff”

One woman’s vanity case full of her unfinished patchwork pieces becomes the inspiration for 12 artists using textiles to create exciting new work

Dates: 13th-26th April at the Halpern Gallery. Chatham

Making Connections:Absence Detail

Keep Your Eyes on the Planet

This successful touring exhibition organised by Pascel Goldenburg will be presented in October, over a few days, in the Dordogne, in a cinema hall of a “communauté de communes it had further venues booked for 2023.

Woods Bruised Heart Cas Holmes

Art Textiles Made in Britain:Illuminate

​In 2023 I am thrilled to be taking part in Art Textiles: Made in Britain new show Illuminate which will be launched at the Knitting and Stitching Shows, Alexandra Palace, London, and later at Harrogate Convention Centre. Below is a detail of a new body of work in progress, ‘Glimmer’

That my exhibitions have been able to take place has been due to the generousity of my project partners and friends. Private views and talks have been held virtually where I have not been able to attend personally due to personal circumstances. Thankyou.
For further details of previous exhibitions and collaborations please see my biography on Axis Artists or on the Art-Work pages of this website

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