Cas Holmes paints, dyes, layers and stitches discarded cloth, paper and found materials. The rituals of drawing and making mark the passing of time. The history and familiarity of the worn cotton, linen and paper surfaces inform the narratives contained within her work.

For every artist, there is the what – what they make – and there is the why – the reason they are compelled to make. And then there is the place where these two converge to make art. Cas Holmes is fascinated by these zones of convergence in the making of art as well as in the concrete world that inspires it. Her fascination is reflected in her work, both in its subject matter, which explores the intersections of the spaces life inhabits: the green spaces in urban areas, the verges of highways, the trees in a city park; and in its techniques of joining cloth and paper.
Everything she uses – the materials, the substrate, the techniques – are in service to her vision. ‘It’s neither material driven nor idea driven,’ she says of her work. She keeps a sketchbook, but she doesn’t sit down with an idea firmly in mind and try to make it concrete. Rather, she follows an internal thread that weaves its way from piece to piece so the whole body of work is connected subliminally about the idea.

Ricë Freeman-Zachery

After studies in Japan and India Cas now exhibits and works internationally  A tutor at West Dean  college developing an individual response through the medium of cloth to process and ideas. On line interviews by Textileartist  and Podcasts by Stitchery Stories and Arnolds Attic an insight into her community practice. She is a supporter of environmental projects such as Plantlife You can read her  biography on Axisweb. 

For all enquiries regarding commissions, projects or to arrange a visit to her studio contact Cas via the contact form on this website.

Cas Holmes, Photo by Richard TorbleThe artist and her space by Maidstone photographer Richard Torble

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