After obtaining her degree Cas Holmes received awards to study paper and textiles in Japan and India. Exhibiting and working internationally on community and educational projects she develops  an individual response to process and ideas. She is a supporter of environmental projects such as Plantlife

On line interviews by Textileartist  and Podcast by Stitchery Stories gives an insight into her community practice. Recent projects include an exhibition of her work ‘Stitch Stories’ at the Visions Art Museum, San Diego. In 2018 she is a guest exhibitor at Nadelwelt and the Knitting and Stitching  Shows, London and Harrogate  with her collaboration Tea Flora Tales. A tutor at West Dean  college she also speaks and runs mixed media workshops/projects for guilds and groups in the UK and abroad. You can read her  biography on Axisweb.

We live in a world where the line between human and nature is often drawn with a definitive thick black marker. We have our world and they have theirs. There is urban and there is wilderness, human society and the lack of it, but that is rarely how it is in reality. The real world is full of complexity, of a strong and binding interconnection between human and natural environments. Cas often finds this interconnection in the fragile world of the in-between, literally at the places where nature and urban meet, such as gutters, the edge of agricultural field systems, domestic gardens, old industrial land. These are the places where weeds are rampant and the man-made lies half-forgotten.

John Hopper, The Edgelands of Cas Holmes,  Fiber Arts Now 2014

For all enquiries regarding commissions, projects or to arrange a visit to her studio contact Cas via the contact form on this website.

Cas Holmes, Photo by Richard TorbleThe artist and her space by Maidstone photographer Richard Torble

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